The unruly behavior of RJD workers outside the residence of Rabri Devi here got the goat of the former Bihar chief minister, who slapped one of her boisterous supporters out of vexation.

The RJD supporters were creating a ruckus outside 10, Circular Road, where Rabri Devi lives and had been locked from inside by a CBI team which had raided the house on Friday in connection with its case against Lalu Prasad, her husband, in the railway recruitment scandal.

The search and interrogation by CBI continued for long hours hours amidst loud protests by RJD protestors who blamed the NDA of political vendetta as Lalu Prasad has ceased to be the railway minister years ago.

Heavy deployment of police was made outside the government bungalow, allotted to Rabri Devi for being a former chief minister and located just a stone’s throw from the chief minister’s official residence, when it was time for the CBI team to leave.

However, officers of the investigating agency were apparently wary of wading through the crowd, which had raised slogans against the agency.

To help the CBI sleuths make a safe egress in the late evening hours on Friday, Rabri Devi herself came out along with elder son Tej Pratap Yadav. Video footage of it went viral in the social media early on Saturday.

The former chief minister, who remains a demure home maker at heart, can be seen in the video in a simple, unironed salvar kameez, pleading with her supporters to calm down.

The matronly 66-year-old whacked across the face one particularly unruly supporter, who was on cue shoved aside by security personnel on duty.

“Madam and Lalu ji are like mother and father to us. You don’t mind when parents slap you for mischief”, said a bystander.

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