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Jordan Poole has been with the Golden State Warriors for just three years now but he has found great success with the team.

Poole’s career average is now 13.7 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 2.9 assists.

He has gotten better every year: in his rookie season, he was putting up just 8.8 points and at the end of last season it was 18.5.

He is obviously a breakout star with a considerable fanbase that is still growing.

But some have wondered about his future with the Warriors: would he stick around with the team or would they use him as a trade asset in the near future?

Bob Myers spoke about Poole recently, mentioning that the player’s representation will meet with the team in early October to talk about a possible contract extension.

This will be the first substantial negotiations between the two sides and it comes as Poole has truly proven himself.

Will this lead the way for a huge payday for Poole?


The Poole Party Continues

The Warriors would be smart to hold onto Poole.

He is a great guard, the sort of player who thrives under the leadership and style of Steve Kerr.

However, some don’t see how he will fit alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson long-term because he is so similar to those two.

But perhaps that is why the Warriors should hang onto Poole for the foreseeable future.

He can definitely take over for those two players when either is hurt and could possibly take over their spot full-time when they eventually retire.

Poole is certainly the sort of player a team can be built around – but he could also gain the Warriors a lot in a big trade.

It’ll be curious to see what the team offers Poole in the next few months because we will be able to tell just how much they value him.

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